2000 Updates

June, 2000
13: New Help page added. Link to help placed on the bottom of every page.
12: New World Reviews posted in the War Journal. Key jump points added to main page.
11: Review for the Power Soaker: Mini Cannon posted.

10: Fixed a few other broken image links. MiB Club moved from Prime Sites to Other Sites due to lack of attention from the founder. Working on reworking Tips & Tactics section. Rewording various terms site-wide.
09: Various pages further tweaked including Links, iSoaker World, etc. Banner designs posted on Links page.
08: Welcome to iSoaker.com! Your dedicated Internet Portal into the world of Water Weaponry (i.e. SuperSoakers) and Warfare. This site is undergoing a major evolutionary process. Each page is being picked apart, remodelled, redesigned to give YOU, the online Soaker fan, the most current and relevant information, tips and tactics that you seek. What you see now is only the beginning...

04: Storm Gun: Cyclone Force 3 review posted.
03: Another war story posted. See The War Journal.
02: New war story posted. See The War Journal. Also acquired a Storm Gun (Cyclone Force 3) as well as a Power Soaker Mini Cannon. Reviews on both blasters to come shortly.

01: Fairly extensive site make-over for Summer, 2000!
Things to note:

  • Main Splash file changed (No.. really!) The "II" stands for iSoaker.com's Second Serious Summer for providing Soaking Information.
  • Water Blaster Review page format altered... nozzle patterns included for all blasters with detailed reviews. Review pages made more consistent in design.
  • All blaster modification pages (with the exception of colouring/detailing) removed in hopes to establish an exchange with SuperSoaker.com in the future. Special thanx to all those who had submitted modifications in the past! Tech developments pages now reserved for water warfare developments not involving modification of weaponry (i.e. water mine creation, holster making, etc.)
  • Conversions page added. Request section on main page added.
  • Links page reworked slightly. QFD description page added.
  • New images added to the Gallery. New Monster review posted in the Soaker World section.
  • Various other Flash files and HTML pages altered. (Flash Movies now have a transparent background when using IE 4.0 and above... does not seem to work for Netscape, unfortunately.)

May, 2000
17: Submitted SC500 modification posted.
10: Submitted World Review for the XP150:Original posted.
09: Target DesiSgn submission posted.
08: Output for XP20, XP40, XP65, XP75, and XP110 determined.
06: Output for XP220, XP240, XP270, XP310, SC400, SC400:2000 Ed.(estimated), SC500, SC600, CPS3000, CPS3200, and Monster determined.
Output for CPS1000, CPS1200, CPS1500, CPS1700(estimated), CPS2000, CPS2500, and CPS2700 determined.

3: CPS1700 acquired and review added. Output for XP70 determined. The XP70 was chosen for measuring first as it is supposed to represent the benchmark by which all other SuperSoakers are measured. (According to SuperSoaker.com)

April, 2000
30: Monster acquired and review added. History of iSoaker.com updated. Repair Guide expanded.
28: New Main Page layout (in case you didn't notice). With this layout, news items can be read immediately and updated pages quickly accessed. Other things to note include the renaming of the "What's New?" page into simply "Info". Also, a Repair Guide has been added to The Armoury. Suggestions on how to repair water blasters are now being welcomed.
24: SC-Weapon Use Tips added to Tips & Tactics section. Various pages and Flash files edited.
23: Submissions page added. E-mail address questions/submissions should be sent to has been changed to harlequin@globalserve.net.
22: Flash files edited. Statistics for water blasters altered, adding Output and Shot Time to list. Heavy Combo page updated.
21: Ad removed from main page... just hadn't gotten anything from it, thus, no point. Concepts page updated. Various Flash movies edited.
18: Monster XL aquired and review posted. Water Properties Tips added to Tips & Tactics section.
16: XP Ranges determined for the XP220, XP240, XP270, XP310, SC:TC, SC:BT, CPS1200, CPS2700, CPS3200. CPS3200 and SC400:2000 Ed. acquired and reviews posted. Various Flash files edited.
14: XP105 World Review updated. Two new reviews added.
13: Index page edited (An ad posted?!) A Monster Review posted from an email message (See War Journal in the World Soaker section) Link to Water Weapon Revolution added to Links section (newest member of the Aquatica Webring)
9: Index page edited. Concept page expanded Minor editing done on various pages.
6: Links page updated to include ebWorld.com.
5: Training Guide: Part XXI added.
1: SC: Big Trouble and XP: Pool Pumper Cannon acquired and reviewed.

March, 2000
29: Forum c/o Bravenet.com added to Soaker World page.
25: New counter from Bravenet.com put in main page due to consistent problems with theCounter.com.
24: iSoaker.com storage system image posted in the Image Gallery in the Soaker World section.
22: Images taken as posted for the CPS1200, CPS2700, SC:TC, XP220, XP240, XP270 and XP310 on their respective review pages. (See The Armoury)
19: Image Gallery in the Soaker World section posted.
18: For those who have not noticed, reviews of the XP240, XP270, CPS1200, CPS2700 and SC:Triple Charge are posted. Changed Weapon Combo sections.
17: CPS2700 exchanged for a working model. XP240 and XP270 purchased. Reviews to come soon.
16: SC:Triple Charge, CPS1200 and CPS2700 acquired. Reviews of SC: Triple Charge and CPS1200 in the works. CPS2700 needs to be replaced due to a leak.
15: XP310 acquired and reviewed. Pictures of 2000 series SuperSoakers coming soon. Timeline added to The Armoury section.
14: Reformat complete for all weaponry owned and reviewed.
11: New format implemented for SS & XP series. XP220 acquired and review posted.
9: New format being implemented for Supersoaker reviews. CPS and SC Series reformatted. The rest will be redone in time.
6: World Review of XP105 posted. (See The War Journal or the XP105 Page)
5: Hydrophiles site added to other links.
3: Reverse Engineering of a SuperSoaker link added to Soaker World section.
1: Urban Battleground added to Battle Ground descriptions (See Tips and Tactics).

February, 2000
29: Entire site clean-up. Side menu removed and merged with titlebar to open up more room on each subpage. Various images and Flash movies edited. Every subpage edited. (Key Points: Years added to different Series main pages, collection status added to Site Stats, new SuperSoaker stats updated.)
20: Entire site being cleaned up off-line.
16: Training Guide - Part XX added. (See Tips & Tactics) Training Guide reorganized (server-side changes).
13: Site Statistics page posted for those interested. Some of the new SuperSoaker pages' information updated.
10: New XP110 modification added to Soaker World. The Armoury Page slightly re-arranged. WWF Series added to the Other Weapons page. (See The Armoury)
9: The War Journal updated. (See Soaker World) Also, we would like to welcome MiB Alliance to the Aquatica Webring! = See Aquatica =
7: The Soaker World section added to the main menus in order to provide a single area where news, ideas and such can be posted from SuperSoaker fans from around the world! Most recent modifications moved to Soaker World section. Minor corrections made to modification pages.
6: A recent posting at Supersoaker.com stated that images from that site should not be used on personal websites without explicit written consent. In light of that, an email was sent to them asking whether we could use of the images "borrowed" and posted here at iSoaker.com. We, at iSoaker.com, are grateful for the quick reply by SuperSoaker.com's webmaster granting iSoaker.com permission (at least for now) to use the pictures we have posted. Thanks again to the webmaster of Supersoaker.com and also thanks to all the worldwide SuperSoaker fans for helping make iSoaker.com the site it is today!
5 : New expanded reservoir modification added. (A heavy upgrade, indeed) Details of an XP70 modified for Night Vision posted. (See The Armoury) Special thanks goes out to the WorldWide SuperSoaker fan base for supplying information and/or pictures of their ideas and creations!
1: New Battle Ground added to Tips & Tactics section. A new section added to the Training Guide (See Tips & Tactics)

January, 2000.
23: Page fonts and colours reformatted for most of the site.
17: Links page updated. Night Vision page updated (See The Armoury:: Modifications).
11: Expanded Reservoir modification added to The Armoury. Glossary updated.
7: Care & Maintainance section added to Tips & Tactics. General Weaponry Tips edited.
2: The Armoury pages redesigned to accomodate the current and future additions to the SuperSoaker(tm) arsenal.
1: New SuperSoakers looked at in The Armoury. Take a look for yourself at what this season has to offer..

Summer 1999 Updates

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