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The following page outlines some common problems visitors have to this website. If you have a particular problem which is not addressed by the following problems and suggested solutions, please send your questions to me (See: Submissions).

I can't see anything on the top of the main page.
Chances are, you do not have Macromedia Flash 4.0 or higher installed. Go to the Macromedia website and download the plug in.

I can see the Flash movies, but I can't hear anything and they keep crashing my computer.
You possibly have Macromedia Flash 3.0 or lower installed instead of Macromedia Flash 4.0 or above. Flash 4.0 files which uses encode sound using MP3 compression. This can cause some problems for Flash 3.0 or lower players. Your best bet is to install Flash 4.0 or above.

If you do have Flash 4.0 or above installed, either you don't have a sound card, your speakers are off, or you do not have enough free memory for Flash 4.0 or above Player to run smoothly. Try closing other programs and see if this helps alleviate the problem.

Where are all the water blaster reviews? I go to the different SuperSoaker pages and only see pictures.
If you have not noticed, there is a scroll bar at the base of all Flash-based water blaster reviews. Click on the right arrow to see more information. On the start image of all Flash-based reviews, you can also scroll your mouse pointer over the nozzle region to see the various nozzle settings of that particular blaster.

I submitted a review/story/tech development to you. When will it be posted?
Depending on my own schedule, accepted posts typically go up within a few days. However, there is also the possibility that a post has not been deemed acceptable for posting on If this is the case, I typically respond to the sender stating why and what needs to be done. However, if a post is found outright offensive to me, do not expect any form of response or acknowledgement.

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